Sea Turtles and Dolphins

Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern


Sea Turtles and Dolphins - Hawaiian Wall Quilt Pattern. You can use the Sea Turtles pattern, without the dolphin border, to make a 21" block.

In the early years of Hawaiian Quilting animals, fish and birds were seldom put on a quilt. It was felt that anyone sleeping under such a quilt would develop a 'restless spirit'--and what mother would want her children to wander away? But in current times animals, fish and birds (often endangered species) are placed on quilts with a special respect.

Small quilts (generally in the 40" square range) can be wonderful projects for the beginner, or the person who wants to display the beauty of their Hawaiian Quilt on the wall. Small quilts can be used on beds, walls, tables, or as a medallion in a larger quilt with additional pieced or appliqued borders. Or make a bed size quilt by repeating a wall quilt four times (a four-patch quilt).

 While many of these designs appear complex, they are surprisingly easy to make.

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Learn just how easy it is to make your own Hawaiian quilt from one of the best. With Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong you will learn Nancy's stress-free approach to needleturn applique and hand quilting while making your Hawaiian quilt.

This sample was created using Janice's Hand-dyed fabrics.  Take a look.

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